Synthetic Turf Installations, NorCal Easy Green provides turf installation services for parks, recreation facilities, we also offer a broad array of turf related services such as field maintenance programs, assistance in field design including design/construction drawings and much more. Our extensive knowledge of synthetic turf construction will ensure that your field exceeds your expectations and is delivered on time! More commercial applications for golf greens are emerging, such as condominium & town home complexes, auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. We offer a wide variety of turf products for all types of golf green applications. We manufacture the world’s leading golf products for high-performance golf greens. These sand-filled short game green products are made of durable polypropylene fibers and are designed to optimize ball reaction and performance. With a natural look and feel, Our Turf is a technologically advanced synthetic turf system that is engineered for durability, performance, and appearance.

NorCal Easy Green is a world leader in landscape turf products and with our different styles we offer the largest selection of Landscape Turf products on the market today.

  • Versatile design applications for a variety of climates, surface traffic, slopes and contours
  • Economical – practically eliminates all maintenance and irrigation costs.
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Environmentally friendly – conserves water, eliminates fertilizers and pesticides, and is 100% recyclable.
  • Practical for residential and commercial use.
  • Synthetic Turf doesn’t attract insects, animals won’t eat it, it’s allergen-free, and accidents wash right through.
  • Lead and heavy metal free

NorCal Easy Green turf products are the perfect unitary surfacing for playgrounds, day care facilities, and community play areas. We have been testing our products for years to ensure that we produce only the best turf surfaces for these applications. We have systems available that can meet any desired fall height rating up to 12 feet! You can feel confident that your children will have a safe play surface when you choose NorCal Ever Green to cover your playground.

Our advanced turf installation allows maximum drainage and is environmentally friendly. Combine this with premium fibers used in the construction of the products and you get the #1 surface on the playground market today.

  1. Commercial Playgrounds
  2. Backyard Play Areas
  3. Daycare and Schools
  4. Parks and Common Areas.

Condensed “Installation” Process

First remove the existing surface of area you want to lay the synthetic turf.
Using a landscape rake, smooth out area and set grade.
Cap or adjust any sprinklers in the area.
Lay a 2oz fabric in area, cut to fit.
Next, bring in your base work, smooth out and compact.
Now install the synthetic turf, cut to fit around flower beds, trees, etc.
Secure all seams and perimeter with mechanical fasteners.
Using a spreader, spread 2 pounds per square foot of infill on top of the turf.
You then “broom” in the infill to allow it to drop to the base of the blades.
Use a leaf blower to clean away any debris

NorCal Easy Green has 30 different types of synthetic grass for lawns at many different price levels